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1914 / 1919 Food Production. German Prisoners Working. Womens Land Army.

German P.O.W.s growing their own food.

The Womens Land Army

During the First World War, so many men were joining the armed forces as volunteers’, taking the Kings shilling, or later being conscripted, that farms became desperate for labour,.The Women’s Land Army was formed in February 1917 to provide a full-time, workforce for agricultural industries. It was funded and controlled by the Board of Agriculture and Fisheries. The Land Army numbered 260,000 women, their labour made up some one-third of all labour on the land. Womena at war womwn at war 1

Many farmers did not think that women could do the work of men , but in 1916 the Board of Trade began sending agricultural organizing officers  around the country in an effort to persuade farmers to accept women workers.women at war

This strategy worked and by 1917 there were some 260.000 women working as farm labourers. Thus the Women’s Land Army was well established.womens poster

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  1. During 1944/6 my mother along with many other Mile Oak/Portslade women worked on the farm land around Mile Oak/Portslade. I have feint memories of playing with other young kids while our mothers worked throughout the day and I loved to snuggle up under the pile of coats and have a snooze.\

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