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Seaford Cemetery East Sussex.

Seaford Cemetery
                  United Kingdom
Identified Casualties:
                  273 .   copy and past for list of all military burials WW1 .


Historical Information

This is on the Alfriston road, was opened in 1897, and belongs to the Urban District Council. It contains 253 burials of the 1914-1918 War, almost all are in four of the plots on the North side, and a War Cross is erected on that side, close to the Chapel. The 36th (Ulster) Division was at Seaford in July and August, 1915; the B.W.I.R. was encamped here; the 10th Canadian Stationary Hospital was at Seaford in November, 1916-January, 1917, and the place then became one of the main Canadian Training Centres. There are 25 burials of the 1939-1945 war including 6 unidentified Merchant seamen.

One Comment
  1. Seaford Museum has photos of each of the graves at Seaford Cemetery

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