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Never Forgotten Brave soldiers, Memorials.

Sneak home and pray you’ll never know

The hell where youth and laughter go.

Siegfried Sassoon.

The Day many brave Sussex Men gave their lives for a fruitless campaign.

The pals battalions of the Royal Sussex – the 11th, 12th and 13th battalions (the South Down battalions, or “Lowther’s Lambs”) – suffered terrible casualties on the 30th June 1916, 24 hours before the much better known “First Day on the Somme”. This was in a diversionary attack, a large scale raid launched by 39th Division at a position called the Boar’s Head, near Richbourg l’Avoue. Just under 1,100 casualties (dead, wounded and prisoners) were incurred in a fruitless attack that had no effect on the enemy’s abilities to withstand the next day’s assault on the Somme. The vast majority of the losses were to men from the county of Sussex.

Memorials in Towns Villages, Churches.

By kind permission of .   Ken Wilson-Wheeler, 2013 Upper Beeding.


Upper Beeding World War One War Memorial

The memorial is situated in the south-east corner of the churchyard at The Sele Priory Church of St Peter-in-Beeding – Upper Beeding’s Parish Church, in Church Lane. It commemorates 29 men who gave their lives.

It is one of the all too many “unhelpful” ones, which show just the initials and surnames of the fallen. Obviously, when the memorial was erected, in the early 1920’s, the villagers knew who the men were. It was not then foreseen that the time would come when that would not be the case. Nowadays, ninety or so years on, few, if any, villagers know who they were.

The front cover of this identification of them shows the memorial as it is today, in need of at least a good cleaning. I understand that Upper Beeding Parish Council was considering some refurbishment work a few years ago but, sadly, those plans seem to “fallen by the wayside”. The memorial has a “title tablet” and three tablets which record the names of the fallen. My efforts to satisfactorily photograph the tablets were nowhere near as successful as I had hoped. In view of this I have reproduced the tablets in text format on the next page.

Most , but not all, of the men who are commemorated on the Small Dole war memorial are also commemorated on this memorial. (Small Dole is part of Upper Beeding Civil Parish.

The men who fell during the Second World War, are commemorated on a separate memorial, which is on the north wall, inside the church. Please see my similar document to this one for details of those men.

Full report click link below.

Memorial Upper Beeding.  P.D.F. file click on this link.

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